How We’re Unique

How Are We Different?

Wall Residences contracts with highly qualified families to deliver services in their home and community. We are constantly seeking out couples and individuals with the best qualifications, nice homes with available space and the highest motivation to include the person they serve within their family and community life. Our contract families are referred to as “Family Providers”. Our family providers dedicate themselves to helping the individual in their care to be accepted and included as one of the family. Our services are small and well-staffed to meet the needs and preferences of each person referred.

Placement decisions are ultimately made by the person who is seeking a service and their authorized representatives,  using a detailed interview process and evaluating a wide range of possible options for location, characteristics of the home environment, availability of daytime activities, and compatibility with others in the home and for finding the best match of individual needs to the skills, experience and personality of the family providers. With over 280 family provider services throughout the Virginia, we have services to meet almost any need. We are locating new services every month to keep up with the needs of new referrals.

Wall Residences attracts the best family providers because we provide the best pay and support.All family providers are treated with the highest professional regard and are continually offered training to understand how to improve their services and to meet or exceed the highest standards of care available in the field. In addition to ongoing training and professional supervision, all family providers participate in frequent networking with other family providers through regional peer review sessions and agency-wide meetings. Family providers are encouraged to contact other family providers for social support, advice, and consultation. New family providers are often paired with an experienced family provider to have access to extra help from a nearby peer family.

Wall Residences provides a highly qualified Program Manager to provide support and supervision to the professional family provider. The ratio of Program Managers to the number of individuals supported is no more than one to twenty.

Wall Residences was formed in 1995 with the purpose of providing individualized support to people who have significant support needs.

How We Work With You

Referrals to Wall Residences services are received from the individual needing services, a Support Coordinator, a natural family member, or a worker from any referring agency. At the point that a referral is received, arrangements are made to conduct an interview with the individual and with others who may know the individual’s needs and preferences. Through interaction to get to know the person, we make our best determination of what will work, what will not work, and what activities and relationships will help the person to achieve their highest level of personal success. It is only through this process of getting to know the person that we are able to make the best match to the dozens of available services. Once an appropriate service has been identified, we then request additional services documentation and arrange for visits with potential provider

Navigating the DD Waivers

Navigating the Developmental Disability Waivers:

A Guide for Individuals, Families and Support Partners

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