Program Management

The Wall Residences organization is ready to serve your needs. We have an exceptional group of staff with years of experience and demonstrated performance ready to create community residential services of the highest quality available anywhere. Here is a sample of what our staff have to offer: 


Alex Jackson, M.Ed., QDDP

Admissions Director

Amanda Craig, BSW, QDDP

Quality Assurance Director

Deanna Rennon, BS, QDDP

Quality Assurance Director

Jack Wall, M.Ed.


John Weatherspoon, LCSW

Executive Director

Kamala Bauers, LCSW

Quality Assurance Director

Keri Basham, BA, QIDP, QMHP A&C

Group Home Services Director

Sara Viers, MA

WRAP Director

Admissions Coordinators

Alex Jackson, M.Ed., QDDP

Admissions Director

Beth Houck, BA

Admissions Coordinator - Central & Danville

Lisa Schalasny, BSW

Admissions Coordinator - Eastern and Northern regions

Sabrina Cox, BS QMHP, QDDP

Admissions Coordinator - Roanoke, NRV, SWVA

Quality Assurance Coordinators

Angela Atkins, BSW

Regional QA Coordinator - Eastern & Northern Region

Candice Bowman, BS, QDDP

Quality Assurance Coordinator

Heather Cromer, MS, BCBA, LBA

Behavioral Support Coordinator

Kate Hansen, M.S., LMHP-R

Operations & QA Coordinator

Molly Hunter-Sloan, MSW

Quality Assurance Coordinator

Rebecca Ledingham, BA, QDDP

QA Coordinator & Special Projects

Regional Coordinators

Amanda Watts Branigan, BS

Regional Coordinator - Central VA

Amber Hall, BS

Regional Coordinator - Danville area

Angela Newman, BS, QDDP

Regional Coordinator - MPNN

Chelsea Mathis, BS, MSW, QDDP, QIDP

Regional Coordinator - Floyd/NRV

Elizabeth Hayes, BS

Regional Coordinator - Fredericksburg

Heather Sowers, BS

Regional Coordinator - SWVA

Jessica Cifizzari, BS

Regional Coordinator - Charlottesville

Linnea Smith, MA, QDDP

Regional Coordinator - Roanoke

Megan Ingram, BSW

Regional Coordinator - Richmond area

Michele Humphries, BS, QIDP

Regional Coordinator - MPNN, Hampton

Sabrina L Burress, M.A., QMHP

Senior Program Manager - Staunton, Waynsboro

Stephanie Moore, BA

Regional Coordinator - Winchester, Harrisonburg, Loudoun

Senior Program Managers

Alison Blevins, BS, QDDP

Senior Program Manager - Southwest Va

Angela King, BS, QDDP

Senior Program Manager - Shenandoah Valley

Connie Vaughn, BS

Senior Program Manager - Greater Richmond

Emily Eagle, BS, QDDP

Senior Program Manager - Central VA

Hattie Singleton, MBA

Senior Program Manager - Danville

Jennifer Jarrells, MS

Senior Program Manager - SW Virginia

Nicholas Shoukas, BA

Senior Program Manager - Fredericksburg

Patricia Hartsock, BS

Senior Program Manager - NOVA, Fredericksburg

Sharlene Wade, BS

Senior Program Manager - Staunton, Waynesboro

Tabitha Bentley, BSW, QIDP

Senior WRAP Program Manager - Western Region

Regional Program Managers

Brian Silsbee, BS

Program Manager - Lynchburg

Christina Leckie-Smith, BS

Program Manager - Culpeper

Danielle Kramer, BS, QIDP

Program Manager - Lynchburg area

Dawn Anderson, BS, QDDP

Program Manager - Lynchburg

Dorcas Fenyi-Batton, M.ED, QIDP, QMHP

Program Manager - Lynchburg

Dulcie Loyd, BA

Program Manager - Roanoke

Genille Barber, BA

Program Manager - Waynesboro, Staunton

Heather Chrisman, MS

Program Manager - Winchester

Heather Risener, BS

Program Manager - Middle Peninsula-N. Neck, Richmond

Jenise Burford, BA, QDDP,

Program Manager - Lynchburg

Jessica Fuller, MS

Program Manager - Danville

Julie Neal, MS, MT-BC

Program Manager - NRV

Katelyn Doxsee, BS

Program Manager - NRV

Katelyn Duff, BS

Program Manager - Central VA

Kathryn Moats, M.Ed., Ph.D.

Program Manager - Waynesboro, Staunton

Linzie Newman, M.Ed.

Program Manager - Richmond

Mandy Seeberger, MS, QMHP, QIDP

Program Manager - NRV/Floyd

Megan Hensley, BS

Program Manager - Fredericksburg

Melissa Worrell, MSW, QMHP- A&C/QIDP

Program Manager - Galax, Hillsville

Micah Davis, MPH

Program Manager - Central VA

Michelle Gorden, MS

Program Manager - Northern VA

Misti Bralley, MA, QMHP, QIDP

Program Manager - Southwest Virginia

Sheila Walker-Matthews, BA

Program Manager - Danville

Venecia Pollard, BS

Program Manager - Central Virginia

WRAP Program Managers & Coordinators

Amanda J. Cox, MS, QDDP

WRAP Program Manager - SWVA

Ashley Hupp

WRAP Program Manager - Roanoke & SWVA

Beth Howell, BA, QDDP, QMHP

WRAP Coordinator - Staunton

Caitlin Davis, BS

WRAP Program Manager - Lynchburg

Donald Carroll, BS

WRAP Program Manager - Fredericksburg

Erin Gurgainous, BS, QMHP-A, QDDP

WRAP Coordinator - Roanoke, Floyd, NRV

Jalisa Broggin

WRAP Program Manager - Lynchburg

Joey Warren, BSA

WRAP Program Manager - Staunton

Kira Appel, BS

WRAP Coordinator - Southern Region

Laura Beth Parnell

WRAP Program Manager - SWVA

Mary Beth Proctor

WRAP Program Manager - Staunton, Waynesboro

Meggan Knodel

WRAP Program Manager - Central VA & Danville

Michelle Burd, BA, QIDP

WRAP Coordinator - Eastern Region

Nena Crowe, MS

WRAP Program Manager - Danville, Central VA

Suzanne Shepherd, MS

WRAP Program Manager - Middle Pen, Northern Neck, Richmond

Group Home Managers

Justine Paterson, MSW

Group Home Program Manager - Central VA

Michael Dorsey, PBS-F, Ed.D.

Group Home Program Manager - SWVA

Renee Dalton

Group Home Manager - SWVA

Behavioral Health Team

Jenny Taylor – Jones, MA, EdS

Behavior Specialist / Program Manager - Staunton, Waynesboro

Registered Nurse Care Managers

Kevyn Burn, BSN, RN, CHTP

Senior RN Care Manager - NOVA, Richmond, Charlottesville, Fredericksburg