Mission & Philosophy

Mission Statement

The mission and purpose of WALL RESIDENCES is to provide high quality community services to persons who have a primary diagnosis of a developmental disability, and/or a long-term mental illness. The service is provided in home and community-based environments and is designed to provide a high degree of individual attention, emotional support, and opportunity for self-expression and individualized routine.

The success of the service is measured by 1) the level of improved self confidence and personal expression accomplished by the individual, and 2) the level of integration and acceptance into the life of the home and community achieved. How many friends does the individual have? What is the depth of relationships acquired? Is the person respected in the community as a contributing and valued member? Is love a part of the person’s life, both giving and receiving? Is the person learning to understand and express their emotions and values and able to relate to the needs and values of others? Is the person developing a spiritual, reverent response to life? Are hopes, dreams and fears explored?  Is the person able to have confidence in physical expression through touch, exercise, dance, appropriate diet, careful consideration of medication usage, and other aspects of maintenance of physical, emotional and spiritual health?

The goal of WALL RESIDENCES is to encourage the total health and well being of each person, both the individual who receives support and worker, through a holistic approach to services. All service providers and community support personnel are evaluated to assure that they are emotionally healthy people who have the capacity and desire to respect and learn from the person receiving services. The goal of the program will be met when all people in the community know that each person can reach their full potential when the appropriate supports are made available. The individuals we support have unique strengths and needs just like all other people. Acceptance of diversity will be encouraged through the inclusion of the people we support in normal home and community activities.

Our Philosophy

The philosophy of Wall Residences is based upon the following principles:

People with disabilities who require continuous available support often prefer to live in a home rather than a segregated facility or group home.

People with disabilities benefit from the consistency of knowing who will be there to assist them day after day. While the provider families have trained and certified back-up workers, the primary care is delivered by the same people. Shift changes, which can be disruptive for some people, disappear. The daily schedule is created around

The respect that the community grants to a well-established family will be naturally extended to a person with a disability who lives with the family. Inclusion into the community occurs naturally without the negative reaction and fear that can occur when a multiple bed group home is built in a neighborhood.