Protecting Your Human Rights

What You Need To Know

As an individual who receives services from Wall Residences you have certain rights that are set out in the Rules and Regulations to Assure the Rights of Individuals Receiving Services from Providers Licensed, Funded or Operated by the Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Services.  Also, there is a written Wall Residences policy that sets out what will be done to comply with these regulations.  A summary of your rights is as follows:

1.  RIGHT TO NOTIFICATION – You are to be informed of your rights annually while in the program, and you have the right to see and get a copy of the Rules and Regulations to Assure the Rights of Individuals and the Wall Residences Human Rights Plan upon request.  Also, you must be told if your service has established rules of conduct, what these rules are, and to have a copy of the rules.

2.  RIGHT TO PERSON CENTERED SERVICES – Wall Residences cannot deny services to you solely on the basis of your race, national origin, sex, age, religion, disability, or ability to pay.  If you think Wall Residences has discriminated against you, you can contact the Director, Jack Wall, the Regional Advocate, or any Wall Residences employee.

3.  RIGHT TO CONFIDENTIALITY, ACCESS, & AMENDMENT – Your records will be disclosed only with your authorization, the authorization of your authorized representative or by court order, except in emergencies or as otherwise required or permitted by law.  You have the right to inspect and to have copies made of your records at your own expense, except where it would be harmful to you.  In that situation, a lawyer, doctor, or psychologist you choose can see the records on your behalf.  If you feel there are mistakes in your record, you can ask to have them amended, and if Wall Residences doesn’t change what you think is an error, you can place your statement about the error in your record.

4.  RIGHT TO CONSENT – A treatment or service which presents a significant risk – that is, one that might cause some injury or have a serious side effect – may not be administered unless you or your authorized representative first given informed consent.

5.  RIGHT TO DIGNITY – You have the right to be called by your preferred or legal name, to be protected from abuse, and to request help in applying for services or benefits for which you are eligible.  In your residential program, you have the right to a safe, sanitary and humane environment; to the provision of suitable clothing if it is not otherwise available; to confidential mail and telephone communications; to personal meetings with professionals or counselors assisting you; and to observe religious practices which do not conflict with the rights of others or with the law.

6.  RIGHT TO LEAST RESTRICTIVE ALTERNATIVE – You will be involved in decisions to limit your freedom, and you will be told what has to happen for the limits to be removed.  Your personal and physical freedom may be limited when necessary for your safety or the safety of other individuals, or for treatment.  Restrictions can be applied without notice in emergencies.

7. RIGHT TO BE PAID FOR WORK – You have the right to be paid for work you do for Wall Residences that the law says is compensable work.  Personal housekeeping and work that is done as part of treatment and is not done mainly for the purpose of making money for the program is not compensable work.

8. RIGHT TO NOTIFY OTHERS – You have the right to notify a person of your choice of your general condition, location and transfer to another location.

9.  RIGHT TO KEEP CERTAIN LEGAL RIGHTS – When you enter a Wall Residences  service you keep your basic legal rights, including the right to enter into contracts; to register and vote; to marry or divorce; to make a will; to use the courts, etc.

10. RIGHT TO HEARINGS AND APPEALS – If you believe any of your rights under the Rules and Regulations to Assure the Rights of Individuals has been violated you may file a complaint, and you may appeal the decision to the Wall Residences Director.  In answering your complaints, Wall Residences staff must inform you of your appeal rights, which include the right to appeal a decision to the Local Human Rights Committee (LHRC).

11. RIGHT TO ASSISTANCE BY REGIONAL ADVOCATE – Complaints can be made to your Program Manager, Regional Coordinator, or the Directors.  Wall Residences reviews all complaints received and will attempt to provide resolution for any complaint of a violation of your rights.  All complaints are reported to the Regional Human Rights Advocate.  The state has appointed a Regional Advocate to help individuals and to make programs recognize individual rights.  The Advocate will help you in making, resolving, or appealing complaints about rights violations.

Area Contact Information

You may contact your Regional Advocate and ask for help or ask a Wall Residences staff to help you make the contact.

Region 1 (Northwest)
Cassie Purtlebaugh
P.O. BOX 1797
Richmond, VA 23218
Phone: (804) 382-3889
Fax: (804) 371-4609
Toll Free: (877) 600-7437

Region 4 (Richmond, Petersburg, South Central)
Sharae Henderson
P.O. BOX 4030
Petersburg, VA 23803
Office: (804) 524-7479
Cell: (804) 382-5516
Fax: (804) 524-0235

Region 2 (Northern VA)
Ann Pascoe
P.O. BOX 1797
Richmond, VA 23218
Phone: (804) 297-1503
Fax: (804) 371-4609
Toll Free: (877) 600-7437

Region 5 (Williamsburg/Tidewater)
Reginald Daye
4601 Ironbound Road
Williamsburg, VA 23187
Phone: (757) 253-7061
Toll Free: (877) 600-7436
Fax: (757) 253-5440

Region 3 (SWVA)
Jennifer Kovack
P.O. BOX 1797
Richmond, VA 23218
Phone: (804) 243-8043
Fax: (804) 371-4609