Provider FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Who do I contact if I’m interested in becoming a potential provider?

Please submit a resume and letter of interest to Jack Wall, Alex Jackson, or Pam Golas. Wall Residences prefers to receive these via email if possible, but they may be faxed to the office at the appropriate persons attention at 540-745-5367. Interested parties can also attend Provider orientation sessions which are held around the state of Virginia periodically. Please check the Wall Residences website for dates and information about signing up.

How long does it typically take before a referral comes along?

Wall Residences strives to address the preferences and needs of each individual that is referred to our agency. Staff will spend time with potential providers determining what interests the potential provider has, as well as their experience level. This information is compiled and available vacancies are posted on our website, as well as distributed to various referral sources. When Wall Residences is contacted with a potential referral, staff evaluates this information and determines potential successful matches at that point. Waiting for the right match can take some time and there are no guarantees; however our potential providers are important to us and Wall Residences strives to make matches that will be ensure long term success.

What skills do I need to become a Provider?

• Previous work with individuals with disabilities in a regulated environment
• Ability to complete documentation (training is provided)
• Ability to use a computer
• Understanding of “person centered” support

We are especially in need of providers with these skills:

• LPN / RN
• Ability to use and understand sign language
• Experience and skills with supporting individuals with significant behavioral challenges
• Accessible homes for individuals who utilize wheelchairs

What can I do to prepare while I am waiting on an individual to be referred to my home?

Wall Residences takes pride in our well trained providers. If you do not have previous experience providing support to people with disabilities then you will be required to seek opportunities working as a back up worker to gain agency specific experience. This type of experience allows training according to our policies, procedures, and documentation requirements, as well as working one on one with individuals in our services. This also aids in potential providers staying up to date with necessary trainings, as well as broadening their experience level. Wall Residences also offers provider orientation trainings to help potential providers know what to expect.

If I have worked for another agency, training center, etc. is my paperwork transferable?

• Required training is transferable as long as you have the certificate of the class with the instructor’s signature, date the class was taken, and date when the training expires.

• If documentation of previous TB screenings are provided and there has been no disruption in care then this is also transferable.

Where do I take the classes that are required?

Wall Residences offers many of the required classes. Register for a class by contacting the Program Manager you are working with or the training coordinator, Lorrie Harrison. First aid and CPR classes can be taken through your local American Heart Association or Red Cross agencies.