Admissions & Referrals

Thank you for considering Wall Residences!

We have a wide variety of service options available in many areas of the state and develop services around the needs of the referral. The large number of options we have allows for choice of services for new referrals. Please take a look at the vacancy section of our website to see our current openings. We are constantly developing new provider homes so please contact us since some options in development may not be listed yet on our website.

Wall Residences will need to collect the following documentation for new referrals from the Case Manager/Support Coordinator assigned to the individual:

  • Psychological Evaluation
  • Current Physical/List of Medications (we will need copies of doctor’s orders before service begins)
  • Supports Intensity Scale (SIS)
  • Risk Assessment
  • Person Centered Plan

Other services – Wall Residences Admissions Coordinators are available to provide New Provider Orientation training, to meet & review homes with people who are considering becoming Sponsored Residential Providers, and attending service fairs, or speaking at events.

Why make a referral to Wall Residences?

Experienced and person–centered leadership:  Wall Residences has been providing person-centered services in Virginia for over 20 years. All services are delivered around the support needs & wishes of the individual and their substitute decision maker.

Many service locations to choose from: Wall Residences has many available service options ready to go across the state at any time and can develop services specific to most any person, given enough time. We have the most professional, experienced, and well trained Family Providers in the state.

Careful supervision and support:  Families of individuals who receive services with Wall Residences know that their service is being reviewed regularly by qualified Program Management staff.  Unannounced visits occur at least twice per year with announced visits occurring each month.  Wall Residences staff and providers work as part of a team with the individual’s family, case manager/support coordinator, and other service providers to ensure the success of the individual in the service.

Family Members are encouraged to maintain relationships with the person who receives support:  Visits are encouraged. When that is not possible, pictures, letters, phone calls, and even Skype are used to facilitate relationships from a distance.

24 hour emergency support: The Quality Assurance Team and Regional Coordinators are available to assist a provider at any time day or night to problem solve critical incidents. Of course, in a medical emergency, all staff are instructed to contact local emergency services first.

Documentation: Wall Residences documentation is complete, accurate, and timely.  Support Coordinators and substitute decision makers are provided quarterly reports that includes a list of all medical appointments attended and outcomes. Everyone knows what is happening in the service.

Admissions Process

The Admissions Coordinator will schedule an appointment to meet your referral within a few days of the initial phone call. This referral meeting is held with the individual, their family or other preferred representatives, and the Case Manager/Support Coordinator. This meeting allows us the opportunity to begin identifying potential services that can successfully serve the unique needs and preferences of the individual.  We strive to provide individualized person-centered support that addresses each individual’s preferences, needs, and interests. The more we are able to learn the better matching of services we can provide.

After our initial meeting potential residential support options are identified. Tours of the homes are scheduled by the Admissions Coordinator at a time that works for the individual.  Once a service option is chosen then a trial visit is scheduled which allows the individual to spend up to a few days with the provider so they can get to know each other better.  Once the trial visit has occurred, the Wall Residences Program Manager for the chosen home, will complete the plan for support and determine a move in date that works for the individual.

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Alex Jackson, M.Ed., QDDP

Admissions Director

Alex is the Director of Admissions for Wall Residences and is available for any admissions related questions. Alex supports referrals in the following [...]

Pam Golas, BS, QDDP

Sr. Admissions Coordinator - Fredericksburg, NOVA, Culpeper, MPNN, Winchester Valley, Richmond, Charlottesville

Pam is the Sr. Admissions Coordinator for statewide referrals and holds a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology.  Pam provides New Provider Orientation s [...]

Sabrina Cox, BS QMHP, QDDP

Admissions Coordinator - Roanoke, NRV, SWVA

Sabrina has a bachelor’s degree in psychology from Liberty University. She has experience working with children and adolescents with dual mental hea [...]

Beth Houck, BA

Admissions Coordinator - Central & Danville

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