About Us

At Wall Residences, our purpose is to support people to live the lives they find meaningful and fulfilling.  We do this through a focus on Person Centered Practices, which looks at what is important to a person in their life (their relationships, things they want to do, places they want to go) and helping them finding balance between that and with what is important for their well-being (staying healthy and safe, as well as being a valued member of their community).  We strive to enable and encourage those we support to reach for the stars to make their own dreams come true. 

Wall Residences provides residential support to individuals ages five to 90 and over with a diagnosis of intellectual disabilities (ID Waiver / Comprehensive Services Act funding), mental illness (Discharge Assistance Planning funding) and/or other developmental disability (DD Waiver funding). 

Our Founders

The founders of the organization are Jack Wall, M.Ed and Kamala Bauers, LCSW.  Jack worked as the Director of Mental Retardation Services for two Virginia Community Services Boards and had over 25 years of experience in the field before founding this agency. Kamala Bauers comes to this work primarily as a sister of an individual with significant support needs. 

Jack Wall, M.Ed., CEO
Kamala Bauers, LCSW, QA Director

Primary Focus

The primary focus of Wall Residences since the beginning is to provide a service around the needs of the individual who receives services, instead of making an individual fit into an existing service setting. The individuals we support sometimes choose to participate in a traditional day program or workshop, but often, they are provided an individualized schedule of community participation opportunities with the support of their residential support provider. These include paid work, volunteer work, and becoming a regular at the local YMCA, park, or coffee shop. Our job is to explore with the individual and the natural family what works / doesn’t work in supporting the individual and to work together to put together a daily routine that works for the person. We work very hard to create “ordinary” lives for the people we support. It is important that people have meaningful activity and relationships with others in their day to day lives.