Wall Residences was formed in 1995 with the purpose of providing individualized support to people who have significant support needs.

Wall Residences provides support to adults and children with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

At Wall Residences, our purpose is to support people to live the lives they find meaningful and fulfilling.  We do this through a focus on Person Centered Practices, which looks at what is important to a person in their life (their relationships, things they want to do, places they want to go) and helping them finding balance between that and with what is important for their well-being (staying healthy and safe, as well as being a valued member of their community).  We strive to enable and encourage those we support to reach for the stars to make their own dreams come true. 

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People with developmental or intellectual disabilities would prefer that we remove the “R” word from our vocabularies. It is considered to be derogatory. “Mental Retardation” is still used in very limited professional contexts; however, it is not preferred as it carries pejorative connotations. Please join us to ensure that people who experience intellectual disabilities are treated with Respect – the other “R” word! 

Wall residences provides support services to individuals with disabilities

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